Online Employee Incident and Injury Report

Please read these instructions before logging in to report your near miss, incident, or injury.

Managers, to review an incident, please see the instructions below for Incident Review and Investigation


1. Verify your current company email address and employee number before you begin.

2. Enter your full company e-mail address and EMPLOYEE NUMBER in the login boxes provided below.The e-mail must be entered in all lower case letters.

Note: If you are completing this report for another employee, please log in using their email address and ID and not your own.

3. Click "Log In" and select the "OJI - Employee Incident Report" form to start the incident submission process.

4. Complete all the information on the form and click "Submit" when you are finished.

*Note: Information you provide on this form is used for OSHA reporting, accident and hazard prevention analysis, and to insure that benefits and claims are properly managed. Please provide complete documentation

Company Email Address:
(Example: - all lowercase letters)


MANAGER Incident Review and Investigation

If an incident report has been referred to you for review:

1. Log In above using your own Company e-mail address and EMPLOYEE NUMBER. Click "Log In".

2. Incidents referred for your review are displayed in a list at the top of the screen. Click on the incident you want to review, and follow the instructions to complete the investigation process.

For assistance with Workers' Compensation issues including information about the process, benefits, how or when to file a claim, please call MultiCare Workers' Compensation at 253-459-6805.